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The Early Childhood Partial Hospitalization Program (ECPHP) at the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA is a short-term integrated day treatment program for young children who have been diagnosed with, or may have, autism, developmental disabilities, and behavior disorders:

  • evaluates and treats children in a structured, individualized program
  • develops individual educational, behavioral, and social intervention plans for each child
  • provides family intervention to assist parents in understanding their child’s needs and manage their child’s behavior
  • communicates with school districts and regional centers to facilitate the child’s transition into appropriate educational placements and community services


ECPHP is a five-day a week, six-hour a day program. All aspects of the program are fully integrated and coordinated to create an individualized, comprehensive, consistent, interdisciplinary, and therapeutic environment.

EPCHP will provide your child with:

  • comprehensive assessment in all developmental areas (e.g. cognitive, speech and language, occupational skills, recreational skills, self-help, social, emotional, behavioral)
  • diagnostic assessments if necessary
  • individual comprehensive educational plan
  • a specific behavior program written to address your child’s needs.
  • a structured cognitive-developmental program
  • speech and language therapy (usually two or three times a week)
  • occupational therapy (usually two times a week)
  • recreation therapy (usually one to two times a week)
  • self-help skills training
  • social skills
  • medication evaluation and intervention


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